About Us

We sure aren’t the first business process outsource in the market but we are your best offshore option to help your company grow with a quality team. Apart from loving what we do, we focus on helping you find a tailored profile for your employees and guide you from the get go to the growth phase, we make process outsource easy!

Take the next step

We love to work with SMB’s as we love to help them take the next step from the start stage, getting to know their values, their vision and align with them to help them grow.

Competitive Price

We make it work for you! Often time quality gets compromised by price, but we are determined to continue to offer quality services at a fair price for you.

Our Team

Meet our leadership

 I-BPO’s executive team comprises professionals in charge of the company’s operational and functional divisions. Each member has established a reputation as a leader in their area of expertise, contributing to the growth and development of the company.

Moisés Urbina

Moises Urbina

Making music when not making business.

David Cordero

David Cordero

Chief Financial Officer
Years of expertise & innovating in business.
financial decisions

Mauricio López Craik

Chief Operating Officer
In charge of the drawing board of the processes.